"She Went Too Far"  pastel and graphite, by Adair Stephens. 

"She Went Too Far" pastel and graphite, by Adair Stephens. 

Angela Gulner invests Viola with a conversational directness that shifts to melting uncertainty when her Cesario disguise gets her in gender-confused waters. It’s a wonderful turn, subtly multivalent
— Backstage, TWELFTH NIGHT (ANW)
Angela Gulner effortlessly seduces those around her with her passion and energy.
— Movies with Abe, GASP
I want to brag on your lead actress, Angela Gulner, in particular. She was really terrific and I see she’s getting a ton of work now. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of her work in the future
— Monster Memories Magazine, SON OF GHOSTMAN
As Claire, Angela Gulner is an absolute delight with a performance that gives the film a solid foundation and an emotional resonance.
— The Independent Critic, SON OF GHOSTMAN
Angela Gulner as his love interest, Claire, radiates a girl next door beauty and spirit
— Dread Central, SON OF GHOSTMAN
Gulner’s Viola is a particularly astounding performance in a cast that shines with excellence